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Please Email info@a-spax.com

Or call us: +31 6 23215244


Facilitating manufacturing & experiments in space


Placing your production enviroment in space

The future of better materials lies in space, where the unique environment offers an exceptional opportunity to create products with no parallel on Earth. For instance, producing optical fibers in space enables them to transmit signals 200 times as far!

The problem? There is no correct infrastructure or engineering interface to make production feasible. At A-Spax we are changing this fact.

Have no expertise in making custom space solutions? No problem, we can help you with that!


A-SpaX re-entry spacecraft enables you to launch your machine, dealing with the space environment for you. The craft has the lowest dedicated launch cost for its power/volume class.

  • Fibre optic focused
  • 800 watts of power
  • 1 °C temperature control
  • 0-1.5 bar pressure

A-SpaX offers an alternative, the climate box, if it is desired to integrate your solution in human rated enviroments like space stations. It has most of the crucial capabilities from the re-entry spacecraft

  • Fibre optic focused
  • 420x420x900mm
  • Express-rack integration
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We received the Aerospace Start-Up voucher from the TU Delft's aerospace innovation hub after careful consideration by TU Delft professors and industry professionals.

right-arrow pushing forward to other achievements

A-SpaX received the aerospace start up voucher from the TU Delft's aerospace innovation hub after careful consideration by TU Delfts's professors and industry professionals.

AIH voucher
right-arrow pushing forward to other achievements

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9 Jan 2024
On the 18th and 19th of January the Space For Inspiration event from ESA will take place in Noordwijk. A-SpaX will be present to meet fellow companies working in the field of In-Space Manufacturing!
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19 Oct 2023
A-SpaX was selected as one of the startups for the start-up voucher program! Today the Aerospace Innovation hub kicked of this program
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8 Oct 2023
On the 8th of October A-SpaX had the pleasure to speak at the European Space Agency - ESA Open Day together with the Aerospace Innovation Hub @TU Delft. Here we proudly informed the public about in-space manufacturing and shared our vision of disrupting the manufacturing industry in a positive way for people on earth. Being at the beginning of our journey, there is an exiting road ahead for you to experience with us. If you want to know more about in-space manufacturing feel free to reach out!
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